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What is Faba Bean Initiative?

Faba bean Iniciative is a consortium of public and private organizations whose goal is to promote and spread awareness of the use of faba bean through the development of new varieties adapted to local environments, with improved nutritional properties for human and animal consumption.

Including this legume in crop rotations will bring significant benefits to farmers by meeting the demand of crop diversification proposed by the new CAP 2014-2010.

Only a combination of the basic principles of conservational agriculture and the use of certified seeds, can optimize the production of this crop and provide an improved food security.

The consortium joins ZAYINTEC, an agrifood R & D company and IFAPA, the Andalusian Regional Government Institute of Agriculture, Fisheries and Organic Production Research and Training. The Andalusian Association of Young Farmers (ASAJA), has adhered to this initiative and promotes the use of faba beans in crop rotations.